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New Pool Builder Permits

Be the FIRST company to contact new pool owners BEFORE their pool is complete!

The Early Bird Gets the Worm!

Imagine being one of the FIRST to contact new pool owners to offer pool cleaning or repair services. Think you'd close more sales?


We have a brand new data set that can get you ahead of your competition and help you add more pools to your routes. You tell us the area and we do the rest.

Exclusive data you won't find anywhere else!

NOTICE: We will only be working with one pool cleaning/service company in each area, so you need to contact us quickly if you are interested in learning more.

Want to learn more?

Contact new pool owners before their pool is complete to offer YOUR pool cleaning services before anyone else.

We have the ability to attain a list of every homeowner in your area that has filed for a pool or spa build permit. This is not something many people even know about, let alone have the ability to get their hands on. This is an exclusive list that we can provide to you.

That means your company will likely be the first ever to contact these brand new pool/spa owners. And the first person to contact them will likely win their business. Will that be you?

We make it super simple!

So you can focus on your business and let us focus on your marketing.


Buy Your List

Simply tell us the geographical area you'd like to reach and we will provide a list of new pool builder permit filers.


Pick Your Method

Select from phone numbers, email addresses or physical addresses to contact the new pool owners.


Score New Pools

Because you'd be their first contact, it's likely you'll earn their business before others even know about them!

We ONLY sell our exclusive lists to one company in each area. That gives you a strategic advantage and allows you to learn about new pools being built before they are complete.

Don't let your competition beat you to the punch. Once your area is gone, you'll lose the ability to get these exclusive data sets that will help you add more pools.

Be the FIRST pool cleaning/service company to contact new pool / spa owners in your area!

And get the competitive edge you need to add more pools / spas to your customer base!

We'll Even Create & Run The Marketing Campaign For You!

Need help putting it all together?

We'll help you with everything from finding the right list, to sending out the emails or direct mail.

We know YOU are the expert at pool cleaning & pool service and/or repair. However, you're likely not a marketing expert (hey we're not pool cleaning experts). You may need a little marketing help too!

In fact, it's one of the most frequent questions we get "What's the next step after I purchase my data?"

After 100's of comments to that affect, we get it!

That's why we've partnered with one of the top marketing companies in the nation to help you implement a full marketing campaign that lands you new pool.

Want to learn more? can help you market your company to new and existing pool owners with proven methods.

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